Providing double the cyber threat. That's how math works.

Increased Cybering

With more Threat Intelligence you can empower your Rock Stars to become Ninjas!


ThreatThreat goes above and beyond current threat companies, with a double-dose of threating.


When you combine ThreatThreat with existing controls your cyberistas will have triple the threat penetration power! Just imagine the depths that ThreatThreat will take you.

Find All the APT Threats

ZeuS? Found. Conficker? Found. Sloppy Panda? Found. APT 80085? Found... Duh.

Double-Feed Intelligence

Indicators so nice, we'll publish them twice. With our patented IOC backup technology you'll be sure to never miss an already known indicator.


Share your indicators with trusted individuals and organizations with our advanced MX technology. We leverage the power of DNS to provide a reliable and secure messaging platform.


We're leading the Data Science and Threat Intelligence trend by moving towards Medium-Data. This allows us to ignore most things and only focus on what matters to us; which is what should matter to you. Because when you have an N of 1, everything is statistically significant.

Only industry standard tools are used like the TI-89, MS Access, and vi. By keeping things medium everything 'Just Works'™. Our platform enables our analysts to provide you the knowledge you need for maximum cybering. All of this leads to our Double-Feed Intelligence output. It's like having a backup of all your IOCs since all of our indicators are collected via OSINT.


ThreatThreat Intelligence Fax Unlimited

With TIFU As A Service you now have a way to get Threat Intelligence into your ultra-secure environments! We've taken our Double-Feed technology and are sending the things we tell you to care about via Fax. Can't take USBs into a secure area, but you can take paper? Our solution is your answer.

Not only does our Next-Previous Generation help prevent breaches by having Super-Advanced Analytics. It's guaranteed to have 0 false positives, if we haven't told you it's important it's not, and nothing will ever register an alert! We've also upped the awesome and now you can have fun while you Data Science and Threat Intel. Our data comes straight to you in Comic Sans. Need proof that this isn't simply vapor ware? Check out our DEMO!

If you act now we'll even help you find some OCR software that can read your newly scanned fax data back into a digital form (this is also why you get the CSV sent straight to you without any modifications).

Secure ThreatThreat Intelligence Fax Unlimted

A new twist on our TIFU offering. We encrypt the IOCs so anybody snooping on the lines can't figure out what you're doing and how you know which bad guys are the worst. The data is encrypted with a highly secure algorithm that utilizes 64 base characters. Let's see other vendors best our Base64 encryption technology.


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